Tuesday, May 25, 2010

poop, baby, poop!

Some friends of ours (and my mom) said when your infant fusses and squirms after being fed you can hover them over a toilet and they'll poop. I totally scoffed at the idea, until I tried it today. Charlie wouldn't stop crying and squirming AND i was really bored, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I've never been so proud of her little dookie before! It worked like a charm! I think I'm going to try Marley & Biel next.

Friday, May 21, 2010

please go to bed?

its 12:35 in the morning. we didn't want to stay up this late. i was planning on going to class tomorrow morning, before I had to go back to work.

but NOOOOOOOOO, charlie just wants to cry. what gives? she was the perfect little angel the past week in the hospital. erin davis says she's probably just adjusting to her new environment. yeah, that must be it.

...you want another bottle? no?

...you want more play time with marley & biel? no?

...you want a lullaby? yeah that's it! wait, nope.

...you want to be bounced and held all night by erin & kyle? yep! :)

bye bye, hospital bed!

hasta la vista, NICU! This was Charlie's bed for the last 7 days. Heart monitors, an oxygen sensor and an IV accompanied every minute of her stay.

Doctors gave her a clean bill of health and she was officially discharged this afternoon. Wanna know the best part? As it turned out she never even had an infection. Go figure.

csection: ~ $10K
a full week in NICU: ~ $10K
good health insurance: priceless

dogs, meet Charlie. Charlie, meet dogs

This was pretty hilarious... Erin was totally convinced Biel was gonna chomp on Charlie's face. Yeah, RIGHT. My dogs are Charlie's body guards now. You should have seen their faces the first time Charlie cried! Now every time Charlie so much as moves a muscle, Biel whines a little and does this soldier crawl to get closer to her and investigate. Pretty freaking adorable.

erin & charlie

little girl loves mommy already

Charlie's first car ride

It was pretty exciting, let me tell you.

(i thought Erin was a backseat driver before... nope, NOW she's a backseat driver)

Erin picked out this outfit for the affair. Her favorite elephant sleeper

Thursday, May 20, 2010


we brought baby home at 1:30 pm today.

...ten diapers later, its 11:30 pm.

We're thinking about changing the word 'hour' to diaper as a means to tell time. You know, like 'babe you'd better hurry up and get ready, church starts in 2 1/2 diapers'... or 'last night's yankees game was 9 diapers long and set a new american league record'

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my little girl

Now its my turn (this might get a little sappy).

I thought I knew what love was, until Erin and I saw our little baby for the first time. This little thing is absolutely perfect. Not perfect without physical blemish (but come on.. pretty much!), but sinless, spotless and pure. I can't get enough of her.

We sit for hours just holding her and doing nothing else. Whether she's looking at us, sleeping, eating, pooping, it doesn't matter. She absolutely, completely, unequivocally has my heart. I'm in love!

Momma and Charlie

I've heard c-sections suck. In fact, I saw with my own eyes how much stuff they take out of your belly, the number of stitches you get, and just how far the doctor's arm goes into your abdomen. Needless to say, Erin is still moving pretty slow and taking oxys round the clock.

HOWEVER... when you put baby in Erin's arms, its like the pain disappears. I've never seen anything like it. Yeah Erin is tough, but I know she's hurting. But put her little baby in her arms and Erin is a different person. She's obsessed, its official.

How to bribe a Neonatalogist

Dr Egger is our Neonatalogist at Sacred Heart. He's the one who told us that if Charlie's blood samples came back negative we could take Charlie home as soon as today (Tuesday). Yesterday, a different doctor called Erin to give her an update and told her we'd get Charlie on Thursday or Friday, best case scenario. um... can we go with the first opinion, doc?

So we asked all the nurses if Egger had any vices. Pepsi. So here's a package of the 'baby' Pepsi cans with a note for Dr Egger. The note says:

Can we PLEASE take Charlie home today? Pretty please?! love, the Shannons

...on the side of the case we wrote, 'baby cans for baby doctors'


The many sides of Sir Charles

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Charlie at 3 days old

We visited Charlie twice today. She's still downtown at Sacred Heart in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), so we visit as often as possible. However, her situation sounds way scarier than it is. Based on her original high respiratory rates, low O2 saturation in her blood and her abnormally high white blood cell count, they thought she may have some kind of infection.

While the doctors admit its most likely the Meconium ultimately causing everything, her symptoms were enough to warrant a trip to the NICU. We've learned that with this sort of thing they always err on the side of caution. But with prayer, fasting and a priesthood blessing we're pretty sure she's covered. :)

Lots of good pics from today, enjoy!

first video

Charlie at 3 days old:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Recipe for a perfect baby...

two buff forearmsa few nicely toned triceps
one perfectly dimpled chin
throw in adorable nostrils (not too skinny!)
add one perfect tongue
(softly) stir in one beautiful singing voice
check for steller profile shot
10 little fingers and toes (please taste test first!)
place one stylish hat on head (horizontal stripes preferred)
and you get...


More pretty flowers!

My sister Erin Davis is pretty freaking awesome. Not only did Erin (Shannon) love the flowers, but a polka dot vase complete with an elephant?! That's pretty much a homerun. Thanks! :)

"Don't you wish your g-friend was hot like mine..."

Erin's up and walking! Before our sojourn she tried to fix her hair, and I was trying to help. Here was my solution:

Charlie's in good hands!

9:40 am

Imagine a normal stretcher you'd see in the back of an ambulance. Now put a speck of that magic rock that turns normal objects into full blown machines (remember Transformers II, Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox and the crazy little boom box?)

That's what happened to the stretcher they took Charlie away in. This thing was bigger than a full adult stretcher, and looked more complicated than a 747 cockpit. They rolled her into our hospital room to say good bye before taking her downtown to the NICU. They said it weighed more than 300 lbs, and later the nurse said she thinks she was FLOWN downtown. We've never even been in a helicopter, Charlie! Geez! Next thing you know she's gonna want her own horse and trips to Italy. I guess it all starts now...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the Late Night show

10:45 pm

Here's how MOM and DAD are doing... (disclaimer: Erin did not approve ANY pictures of her!)

...and here's how baby Charlie is doing!

Its tricky to get good pictures at this point, because she's inside a little oxygen chamber and the nurses won't let us take her out yet! She's healthy and alert, but a few indicators of respiratory complications remain, the foremost being a very rapid breathing rate.

When she was born our doctor had to remove quite a bit of Meconium from her nose and mouth (stool in the amniotic fluid). We learned this is not uncommon for babies who go full term or past their due date (Charlie is 3 days past hers), so everyone is being cautious with our new baby. They want to make sure there is no additional infection and they want any remaining Meconium to make its way out of her lungs.