Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beware: an onslaught of pictures!

Sometimes the only camera I have on hand is my iPhone, which is unfortunately not the iPhone 4 with a 5 mp camera. So. The picture quality isn't the best on these but in this case its not about quality, its about quantity! Enjoy.


So yeah... Kyle has officially put me in charge of the blog (especially after I told him his humor was sometimes tasteless and all the time corny...hah oops.) But our computer is a poor sport about uploading images in a decent amount of time so this is just a preliminary post to get you all off my back begging for pictures of my awesome child. New pics will be up shortly! I promise! Until then, let these "old" pics hold you off for a wee bit longer.

Pic #1 She seems to be saying "WTH did you dress me in mom!?" Oh Charlie, just you wait until high school...muhahaha

Pic #2 She looks like a balding old man. Luckily I like bald men. ;)

Pic #3 This is a classic Charlie and dad moment... he gets a lot of snuggle time. Especially when he falls asleep on his lunch break and gets into trouble. Oops.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

are you smarter than a new parent...

Can you guess what this is? Choose A, B, or C

A. a raisin
B. a rabbit pellet
C. an armadillo
and the answer....

None of the above! For those of you who chose any of the above, especially C, you failed. Its Charlie's belly button stump! Hooray!

cutest baby ehhh-ver

Tummy time!

Chuck is lifting her head now (a little). We like to think she's extra strong for her age. You know, 'above average' already. What with parents such as ourselves, who would expect anything less! ;)