Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seattle with the Parkers!

Recently, I had the joyous pleasure to spend the weekend with the delightful Parker family in Seattle! It was so much fun seeing Charlie and Blake (my nephew who is 5 days younger than Charlie) crawl ALLLL over each other. It was also entertaining to watch Cole, my 3 year old nephew, mess around with the babies. It's hard to tell him to stop doing something when I am laughing hysterically. Needless to say, I'm sure Charlie was thinking to herself "WTH mom, get this giant off of me!". Sorry Charlie. I had a blast with them and miss my sissy terribly. No amount of bribery has persuaded her husband to move to Spokane so maybe I will just secretly apply to the UW law school for Kyle... Muhahahhaha. Oh, and update for those of you who don't know, Kyle has switched to Law. FYI. In case you cared. :P ANYWAYS, here's some pics from the trip that my sister took with her amazing new camera! Also, Charlie was a champ on the flight! Did I expect anything else? Of course not. :)

A great picture of the nose-wrinkling grin! You have to love it... even if it looks a little bit scary this close-up. haha.

Example of the crawling issues. There was a lot of accidental eye-poking, face-kicking, all around body-slamming. They also shared bottles cause one would throw it down and the other would crawl over and start drinking. It was good insight on how life would be with twins. I think I could manage it....as long as I had my sister with me at all times! Two crawling babies would be hard, it was tough with two of us! So needless to say, my fantasy of having twins is forever banished.

Cute picture of the babies in the tub. I love Blake's BIG smile!

Prime example of Cole's ornery-cuteness. Yes, he is letting go of her hands so that she falls, but look at that smile! I mean, come on! Its adorable! Plus, I figure it's toughening her up for the "real world". :)

Blake and Charlie in their matching kitty hats from Grandma Morgan!

I like the look Charlie is giving Blake... My mom said it looks like she is thinking "What the heck are you smiling about!?"

This is Charlie's new tongue "thing". She sucks on her upper lip all the time. Its adorable and I am so glad we finally have documentation of it. Reminds me of a certain Grandma (wink wink...) :) You will also notice how red her knees are... All that crawling!

This is my favorite picture. She is just such a grinner! I love her joy and her overall happiness. Once again, its borderline frightening this close up, but if you know Charlie and her personality, you love it.

Ps. Disclaimer: Although my baby seems like the happiest in the whole world, I am told she can be quite cranky when I am not around. Someone is turning out to be a mama's girl... uh oh. Thanks to Nick for watching the babies so that we could have some "sister" time!